Getting Results, Today and Always!

The most common reason a client will ask for training or coaching services is to achieve a weight loss goal.  The personal reason to lose weight or inches varies, but the end result desired by most women is typically a leaner shape, more energy and better overall health.  In all of my years being a coach, trainer and instructor I have always shared my insights based on science, education, personal results and experience working with so many different body types and in various age groups.  In a nutshell, I can offer some clear advice and give direction to bring the success to the surface.  The rest is up to the client/person or YOU if you are reading this for inspiration and are starting fresh on your journey!

TIPS for GETTING RESULTS on your weight loss journey:

  • MAKE ZERO EXCUSES (AHH!!, Wait, what???:)

IF you are following a PLAN, trainer or coach, STAY THE COURSE! NO PLAN JUST MEANS YOU WILL WANT TO GET ONE, preferably with an expert with education behind them.

WORK + CONSISTENCY = RESULTS.  THERE IS NO OTHER ANSWER OR QUICK FIX.  I REPEAT….THERE IS NO QUICK FIX!  And…..HARD WORK IS THE ANSWER TO ANY QUESTION THAT JUST POPPED UP NEXT…(IF IT DID).  Anytime I am not seeing results personally, I re-commit to my goal and get back to work.  I spend ZERO TIME blaming, worrying or not doing, and get back to WORK ON PERSONAL GOALS.  It is really that simple and it goes for all of us!!  There is no time for looking back:)

As for avoiding “SIDE TRACK MISHAPS“, (these are what I call things that ruin results and come from the outside) work hard to stay on YOUR COURSE, YOUR GOAL, AND NEVER TAKE OUTSIDE ADVICE AS IT CONFLICTS with YOUR personal plan.  NEVER buy into impulse weight loss gimmicks or try food eliminations based on others trying it.  TRUSTING in a balanced diet, hard working plan and a routine that is doable for YOU is the key for STAYING ON YOUR COURSE TO RESULTS.

Cheers to Success!!CindyE_5695

With Love,



Spring Has Sprung!

After a very long New England winter, most of us are seeking some warm sunshine, fresh air and our beloved outdoor activities!  This is also the time of year some of us get going on our summer bodies, with a certain intention of getting it done on time for a swimsuit!  This is the perfect time of year to increase your physical activity level for whatever reason you have personally!  Here are some springtime ideas to spark your fitness level!

  1.  Take LEISURE FITNESS seriously.  Make outdoor physical time with family, your friends or just you!  Any chance you get for a fresh air approach to moving is a step in the right direction!  Try a walk pre-game next time you are at the ball field with the gang!  Fresh air clears the mind and will keep you feeling refreshed.
  2.   Set a NEW GOAL APPROPRIATE WITH THE SEASON COMING UP.  You may have always wanted to learn to water ski, but didn’t have the core strength to give it a try.  Focus on building your ab and low back strength by adding pilates 1-2x a week, and strength training for your abs 2x a week for another edge on hitting that summer goal!
  3.  Find ways to EXPAND your SUPPORT GROUP.  Strength comes in numbers, and it is proven that we reach our goals with encouragement and supportive environments.  Try a group class, team walk or run, or any group with common goals.
  4.  STAY CLEAR of QUICK FIXES.  Any weight loss program that claims fast, or instant results is likely to be something that you cannot sustain.  There is no magic pill or else we would all be buying it!! Sustainable weight control comes with consistent exercise and healthy eating.  This means work at it, and develop habits to keep going with best practices for your body and lifestyle.DSC00224-L
  5. MAKE A COMMITMENT to YOU.  The saying goes “put on your mask before putting it on the person next to you”.  This is true when it comes to fitness, health and well being.  If you do not take care of you FIRST, you are less likely to be able to give 100% to those around you.  LOVING YOUR BODY AND YOURSELF is key to sharing your best version of you with the world around you!!

HO HO Holiday Weight!

The average person can gain excess pounds over the holidays.  Not you, not this year!  We can beat this number with some basic and realistic approaches listed here for you!

Here are some simple tips to avoid the HO HO Holiday bulge!

  1.  Track your daily food habits.  Stay aware and be accountable to yourself.
  2.  Set weekly, short term goals.  Mini goals are a great way to stay on track without feeling overwhelmed!
  3. Find some celebration substitutes (Ie: seltzer or spritzers instead of sugary drinks and adult mixers in your beverages).  Have fun but keep those liquid calories down!
  4. Take time for exercise AND  stress relief.  This is a busy time of year.  NO letting yourself go.  Prioritize YOU and you will feel better than ever!
  5. Find a buddy with common goals and interests to meet for exercise, food shopping or anything else health related to keep your mind on your fit and fabulous path through the holidays!  Learn to say “No thank you” to activities that don’t suit your wellness goals.                                                                 *this article for recreational use only and not intended to give medical advice

Cheers to a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season!


Setting Goals!

I recently discussed with my coaching clients how to set and achieve goals.  I support many efforts and reinforcements in the weight loss and fitness process.  The common starting point and reminder we need to come back to (every time) is the GOAL set with or by the client.  All weight loss and fitness successes involve having a tangible goal, and NONE of them involve a quick fix.  Here are some ways to start thinking about a true, realistic and  tangible goal.  This goal will likely be precise and can be measured, felt or seen!
1.  Is your goal a process goal or is it just the end result? The process is VERY important, as we measure success along the way and aspire to create small changes in habits week to week.  These habit changes are necessary to lose weight.  IT is not just about the end result, although that should also be measurable.
2.  To keep it tangible make it SMART
S:  Specific
M:  Measurable
A:  Attainable
R:  Realistic *this is a BIG one!
T:  Trackable
3.  Make sure you have a long term goal and also a SHORT TERM, smaller goal at your fingertips!  Small term goal success should be celebrated!!
4.  Allow for setbacks.  Quitting is not an option for your health.  As women, we are obligated to take the best care of ourselves in order to fight of illness, disease and environmental factors!  When you do have a setback, move right along and get back on track.  Beating yourself up does not serve you.
5.  Adjust goals to fit your life.  If your goals are mountains, change them.  See what fits your lifestyle for a healthy achievement and a healthy YOU.
*this is not intended to give medical advice
*results do vary
*always consult an expert with education behind them to enforce their assistance on your fitness journey

YOU, On TRACK this Summer!

Already thinking about how you will stay on track this summer during hot weather beach trips, cook outs and more?  Here are some great tips to keep you on top of your fitness goals during a fun filled season of outdoor life!

  1.  Pattern your workouts:  Make your fitness routine different daily for a varied pattern.   The body reacts to constant change, so opt for a different type of workout each day.  Beach yoga, power walking and a resistance class is a nice example of a 3 day mix!
  2.   Recruit:  Find your neighbor, coach, friend or spouse that will join forces with you.  Success is in numbers and keeps you accountable!
  3.   Lace up and dress up:  Make sure you put on those sneakers and workout gear FIRST thing!  If you are ready to go, you are more likely to make it happen, even after camp drop offs, work errands and more!
  4.   Find what you love:  Thinking of biking this summer?  Get out there and enjoy that as  part of your routine!  The more variety the better.
  5.   Reward yourself without food:  Find ways to “self pamper” and use that as a reward for your hard efforts.  Positive self reinforcement can include a massage, manicure or even time off enjoying some sunshine.  Self love and self reward are both key in embracing your body wherever it is on YOUR fitness journey!

Cheers to Summer!

*This is not intended to give medical advice and is for recreational use only

Easter means EGGS!

To egg or NOT to egg is a question that I am often asked by clients! The first thing I want to say is that each individual is different, and that decision is between you and your doctor if you are leaving out any food specifically from the diet.  EGGS are easy to prep, are proven to boost brain nutrients, and are rich in antioxidants and minerals.  They also increase satiety when dieting.

Here are (some) HARD facts:

WHOLE EGGS include:

10% protein, 3.6 g fat, 47% cholesterol, 4% iron and 3% zinc

EGG WHITES include:

7% protein, zero fat, zero cholesterol, zero iron, and zero zinc

There is much more to know about EGGS!  Choose pasture raised eggs, speak with your physician on how many yolks a week YOU would benefit or not benefit from, and get crackin!!!

*as always our blogs are not intended to give medical advice

The Diabetic Diet Myth!

Many people ask, “should I follow a diabetic diet?”.  This is a common myth for type 1 diabetics, type 2 diabetics and for anyone that wants good nutrition. The fact is that diabetics can absolutely eat what others can eat as long as the goal is well controlled blood glucose and a healthy diet.  The same applies to those non diabetics that are looking to lose weight.  *Note that type 1 diabetes has nothing to do with weight gain (or loss) and is very different as a diagnosis in itself from type 2 diabetes.

Any diabetic, regardless of their type is seeking a healthy diet to assist in glucose control for a lifetime of wellness (and without complications).  All of us, (with or without diabetes) also need to work hard to have a healthy diet to avoid heart disease, illnesses and obesity.  Here are a few tips to satisfy a healthy meal plan for all!:

  1.  Spend your carbohydrate grams wisely and spread them through the day.
  2.  Factor in your own personal weight loss goals and your activity level.
  3.  Consider any health factors and medications you may be taking.
  4.  Choose whole grains and high fiber carbohydrates.
  5.  Budget your overall calories.  Make sure you burn more than you consume if weight loss is your goal.

Choosing a meal plan that is right for you is something to discuss with a professional.  When in doubt, reach out!

*This article is not intended to give medical advice.